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02 December 2013

About Me

Asalam o alaikum and Hi to all..I stay in UAE n orignally from pakistan ..I work in a bank,and a wife and a mom to be ^_^ I never liked makeup in my life but i started liking it after i got married and after doing tons of research i did a makeup course by a freelance makeup artist in dubai WAFA KHAN.Mashallah she is a very nice,talented and soft spoken girl and teached me very well :) 

I want to keep my skills in practice n to keep an eye on latest makeup trends technologies so that i can share my work and knowledge with you guyz that's y i created this blog...

love reading beauty and health blogs/articles (usually at work) ^_^ i hope my boss is not reading it ssshh
 A lot of people think that the only way to look good and fashionable is to purchase expensive materials. WRONG! Whether you buy clothes from an expensive store or not, it all depends on YOU. It is your job to be creative with clothes; price does NOT matter, what matters are the efforts and the sense-of-fashion that you are going to put on it. 

It is your money, anyways. So you can totally spend it all you want, but isn't great to save money too :)  anyway welcome to my world 

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