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25 January 2014

Weekend Glam

Products used

Primer: Urban decay primer potion
Eye shades:etude single eyeshadow in BR307 & UD darkhorse in crease,UD half baked in an entire lid,Mac woodwinked on outer part of lid,Etude BR307 on outer V,UD virgin & mac retrospeck on brow bone and inner corners of the eye
Pencil: maybelline master drama kohl pencil in black
Eye liner: kryolan cake liner in black
Mascara: loreal collagen  
Brow : etude BR307 on brows
Brushes: mac 217,239,219,sephora blending brush,RT deluxe crease brush

Inspired by Nature

Products used

Primer: Urban decay primer potion
Eye shades: catrice charlie brown n etude single eyeshadow in BR307 in crease,deborah sigle eyeshadow ombretto in lid,bodyshop color crush eye shade 510 center of lid,mac retrospeck on brow bone and inner corner of eye.
Pencil: maybelline master drama kohl pencil in black
Eye liner: kryolan cake liner in black
Mascara: loreal collagen  
Brow : etude BR307 on brows
Brushes: mac 217,239,219,sephora blending brush,RT deluxe crease brush
Lipstick: i lined my lips with rimmel pencil in tiramisu (my all time favourie) and nyx lip cream in buttery nude reviewed Here  

24 January 2014

Neutrogena deep clean Makeup remover wipes Review n Photos

I usually use Olay liquid makeup remover and toner(will be reviewed soon) to remove make. I use facial wipe alone or sometimes both Neutrogena n olay to completly get rid of makeup if I am wearing strong colors on my eye or face.

I just randomly picked this product once but I never thought that it will become my FAVOURITE

It effectively cleans makeup in just one is very soft  n thick, doesn’t make my skin dry however I clean my face with facewash as well after wipes to completely get rid of all the makeup.

I wish it can come with a lid but it comes with a seal (glue) which can weaken over time I usually put tape hehehe

Tip:if in case it becomes dry just flip the pack upside down so that all the liquid inside can be dispersed evenly I do this method often ^_^ to save each towel or keep them in zip lock bag.

Eww gross ..i know :D

yaaayyy finished

empty pack

Opsssssssssssss :D 

Price: I exactly don’t remember as it’s been six months since i purchased these but as far as I remember it was under 30dh

Availability: Carrefour

20 January 2014

Soft and Romantic look

Products used
Primer: Urban decay primer potion
Eye shades: UD dark horse and mac antiqued in crease,barry m dazzle dust in golden pink on lid ,ud sin as a highlihter,
Pencil: maxfactor kohl in a natural glaze
Eye liner: kryolan cake liner in black
Mascara: loreal collagen  
Brow : UD buck
Brushes: mac 217,239,219,bent liner brush by sephora

Glitter ball with an Arabic touch

Products used
Primer: Urban decay primer potion
Eye shades: UD creep as base,UD dark horse and nyx beet root in crease,inglot blue eye shadow on lid ,ud sidecar as a highlihter,barry M dazzle dust in 98-lid, 
Pencil: maxfactor kohl in a natural glaze
Eye liner: kryolan cake liner in black
Mascara: loreal collagen  
Brow : UD buck
Brushes: mac 217,239,219,bent liner brush by sephora

A complete Foundation Guide with Photos

Foundation is used all over the face to even out the skin tone.

Types of foundations> how to choose the right formula?

Fluid / Liquid: it’s good for normal, combination and dry gives very sheer/light coverage.
Stick: it provides very heavy coverage it’s good to cover spots and pigmented areas and ideal for photography.
Cream to powder: cream but dries as powder&provides heavy coverage and it is appropriate for oily skin.

How to choose the right shade: this is the most important part of your overall makeup if it goes wrong everything will end up looking dull and messy or ghostly no mater u r wearing any drugstore or high end.

ALWAYS test foundation on your face not on ur hand I can’t emphasisenough. Put it on ur face blend it out if It disappears this is the perfect shade..go out of the store for atleast 20mins to see how it turns out cos most of the foundation oxidizes means they change their color in 20-30 mins… if possible  go out and check in day light trust me all this hassle is worth it ..Spend your money wisely plz asit’sur or ur husband’s or father’s hard earned money.Don’t buy anything in a rush.

Don’t feel shy to ask for a sample or any question related to a product from a sales lady she is there to help you. It’s okay if you don’t buy that particular product at the end she wont eat you :D

Checking the undertone: same like concealers. Foundations have undertones too..We’ll apply the same formula:

Yellow/peach >neutralizes pink ( if your skin has cool/ pink undertones )
Pink> neutralizes yellow/peach( we desi have yellow /olive in our skin tone)

Foundations with pink/peach suits best on us as it doesn’t look dull or grey though it gives you a fresh look where as if you’ll use yellow on yellow/olive/sallow skin it will make it appear dull or dead.

can you see the pink and yellow difference?

One color doesn’t suit you? : It’s okay If you have this concern you can buy two colors or u can use just one color which suits u the most and use concealer on pigmented areas...How? Here is the complete guide (link)

·         Don’t forget to prep and prime your skin first before putting on foundation. Click the below links to have a perfect smooth canvas choose primer according to ur skin type , how to prep n prime?

Perfect way of applying foundation:
There are several ways of putting on the foundation. Choose whatever you feel work out best for you.
1-You fingers can do the magic
3-A foundation brush

1-I guess fingers alone won’twork. It might leave you with uneven finish.

2-Take the foundation on your fingers warm them a bit spread all over your face lightly (don’t put a strong pressure) starting from the middle to the outer corners. Then blend it with a sponge in stippling/dabbing motionworking from the center of your forehead outward, toward your temples and from the center of your nose /cheeks towards ear and jawline donot forget to cover the neck they both should match.

Pros: Great for softening & blending out edges and inexpensive
Cons: It absorbs the product quickly hence waste of product and it holds bacteria

2-a foundation brush-take the foundation in back of your hand dip your brush start from the center of your face towards the outer corners.donot apply too much take size of a dirham of  foundation ..It should not look like you are wearing a mask
Pros: one time investment, flawless finish and almost no waste of product.
Cons: you need to clean them often depends on your usage to avoid bacteria

Point to remember: if you’re going for a high up do where ur back of your neck and ears will be visible to others put a foundation on your ears (just run a sponge or brush over the area) back of your neck you should look like a same person from behind as well ;)

Recommended products: LancĂ´me foundation (it has yellow),karaja foundation(pink/peach based), any good quality sponge I bought mine from daisoo and good quality foundation brush I bought it from Debenhams.

I hope you guyz understood the whole theory of foundation & how it should be applied…let me know if ur still in doubt..Happy shopping J

19 January 2014

Sanitize your Makeup > > > HOW?

Recently i have become so much into sanitizing / cleaning makeup items properly which we use on day to day basis cos if they are not sanitized properly they transfer all the bacteria to the skin and this is when skin problem starts.. Instead of visiting to a dermatologist and paying ur hard earned money need to stop skin problems before it starts

I had shared a picture in my blog and fb page in the beginning about makeup’s shelf life..We really need to keep an eye on expiry dates of cosmetics..if date is not mentioned .. Look clearly at the product how does it look or smell?

Below are few tips on how to clean ur makeup.

Foundation > liquid Use a pump or spatula to take out the desired amount ..Never dip ur finger in a jar as it transfers the natural oil presents in our fingers and it changes the whole consistency of foundation and turns out bad quickly.

Powder foundations / blushes / Eye shadows: Scrap off the first layer here is how click here > sanitizing powder products

Pencil: sharpen your pencil regularly.

how bad does it look ..eww


Lipstick: I wipe away the top layer with a tissue paper .u can also use a brush in order to maintain cleanliness hygiene to apply lipstick but don’t forget to wash the brush regularly.
wipe away the dirt
lip brush 

I read Dr oz advice on cleaning makeup items he recommended leaving the lipstick overnight in the freezer kills bacteria and viruses…..Hmmm interesting Right? Will do it from now on in every 2weeks.

Mascara: Rule is to throw ur mascara after every 3 months cos moist products are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria the longer you keep it the longer you risk an eye infection.If my mascara is in perfect condition means if it is not clumping or drying i use it for 8 months MAX .. but if I feel a stinging sensation around the eye especially the lash line i stop using it immediately.immediately. Don't risk yourself everything reacts differently on different people. Dr oz recommends to put the mascara tube in freezer overnight to kill germs

Brushes: wash them regularly (depends on ur usage) i wash my brushes once in two months ( I mostly use them twice in a month)
recently washed <3

How do you clean ur makeup?? Please share ur secrets ;) I would love to try them

Pull out your vanished powders..Time to revive them .. How to make them NEW

We all must have gone through the phase where ur expensive or inexpensive powder product didn’t give u the same effect as before when u bought it new  and u might end up thinking that it’s been years or months that’s y it has lost all his beauty and that particular product landed up at the back of your drawer..

I have been using tissues for a long time to wipe off the build-up on top of my blushes so that they can give the 100% result but sometimes that’s not enough ... I was looking for a solution by myself when I came across this amazing tip shared by

Now it is the time to pull out that product to make it a new one again
 before removing all build up


What you need
1-Mascara wand – bunbun recommended using mascara wand ..Use if u have any or you can wash an old mascara brush wash it properly first it should ruined ur powder product.


2-My version on this is ...use a Brow Brush ;)

Heroes :)

Use a brow brush to gently scrap off the top layer to remove the access build up so that they can become pigmented again and can perform well , remove the extras with a tissue  and voila u r done J.

Yess!! time to clean

hello GLOW <3

how nicely brush picked up the product in just one swipe 

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18 January 2014

Maxfactor kohl pencil in natural glaze 090

white pencils or flesh toned/beige or pink pencils are designed to give an eye a brightening more awake look

I have been using white kohl pencil for a year now but I wanted to try some flesh toned kohl pencil  to give an eye more natural effect..I had been eyeing on benefit bright eye pencil for a long time but  it costs 20$ equal to 80 dh..I didn’t want to spend this much on a pencil as I was in search of more affordable option.

I found this max factor’s pencil in natural glaze's a matte beige/peachy toned color inshort “perfect color" for my skin tone

I never tried any pencil from max factor.I like the quality with such an affordable price.

white pencil on left..max factor's natural glaze on right

wearing white pencil in 1st pic above and max factor natural glaze 2nd pic down..can you see the difference?? right looks more natural right?? :)

Price: 25dh

Available: All max factor counters and the center point stores in uae

Loreal voluminous mascara review and photos

I have tried a lot of mascaras but in the end I always end up returning to Maybelline falsies (using it for 3 years will review that soon) let’s see how this new one goes .I ordered the non-water proof one as I feel like it’s hard to remove the waterproof mascaras and it damages the lashes.

I like the formula and wand and how it is easy to apply. I am happy that it doesn’t make lashes clumpy or spidery as the whole point of mascara is to enhance your natural lashes.. You can apply 2-3 coats depends on your personal preference but please wait for few seconds to a minute between coats. Always place brush at the base of lashes and sweep up to tip gently to get fuller lashes & there you are gorgeous.

wearing mascara on left eye..i kept the right eye bare so that u can see the difference

Final thoughts: Good for your wallet. It can be a Hit or Miss depending on a person as everyone’s lashes are different

Price: 8.49$ (excluding tax) I paid 41dh=1200Rs

Will I go back to my Maybelline falsies? Don’t know yet :p

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17 January 2014

Great News !!

Guess what?????

Yaaayy Alhumdulilah i am happy and excited to share the news that my blog is now approved to be a part of  pakistani beauty blogger community ..Thanku PBBS member for your support

and ..
soon i am going to announce a small giveaway once i hit 100 so..

Stay connected :)

15 January 2014

Loreal true match blush in baby blossom review and photos

I wanted this product for soooo long since I heard that it is a dupe of Mac well-dressed blush but sadly it was not available in Dubai. Luckily I got from through makeup & accessories Pakistan.

I love this pretty pink color it’s a really nice& soft color looks so natural. Very pleased with a quality love subtle pigments. Perfect for a day time, Glides on’s a sheer tone blush you can build up the intensity depending on your skin tone and personal preference however  I like to use very light hand with blushes as u can see it below its barely there I wanted it to look “natural and subtle” ^_^

You can expect a little fall out. It comes with a brush and a mirror and this brush sheds like mad... overall no complains you get 6grams of product in a very affordable price take advantages of sales to save a little money :)

Price: 11.49$ (excluding tax) I paid 50dh=1450Rs
Availability: Online, Makeup & accessories in pakistan

*Kindly note that this is not sponsored. Whatever I review is bought by myself please read the policy. I am just sharing my personal thoughts and from where I ordered.

Real techniques stippling brush Review and photos

Here some a RT stippling brush ..Review & photos on sam's picks

Stippling brush: It is sold separately .stippling brushes are designed to give an airbrushed finish without spending “thousands” on airbrush systems. Use it for foundation/bb creams or cream blushes it works fabulous though I have only tried it for cream blush. If you like stippling brushes or wants to try for a very first time... I would highly recommend it as its affordable and of nice quality as most other stippling brushes are expensive

Final thoughts:  Really good quality and affordable

*Please note that this is not sponsored by either of them mentioned above. I am just sharing my personal thoughts and from where I ordered and where is it available in uae.

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14 January 2014

Real techniques Sam’s picks review and photos

This is my first online purchase ever.. Purchased from makeup & accessories during black Friday sale.

I was having some problems with internet connection that’s y couldn't post it earlier..

 I wanted to try some of the RT brushes and when this limited addition“Sam’s picks” launched I thought to try them. I would say that you get what you pay for I like the quality of all the brushes. The set includes .multi task brush, buffing brush, crease brush, setting brush, pointed foundation brush, liner brush and crease brush.Real techniques stippling brush photos and review

Multi task brush: as the packaging says it’s a multi-purpose brush. You can use all over face to set the foundation with powder good to apply blushes as well..i have read somewhere that it is similar to mac blush brush I don’t own mac blush brush so cant compare.its rounder from the edge and slightly bigger and wider than buffing brush.

Buffing brush: All the brushes are synthetic means they work well with creams and liquids and equally good to use for powders. They all are so soft dense I like how wide it is at the end. You can use however u like to buff the foundation or with mineral powder and to blend out those harsh lines of bronzer or blushers.

 Crease brush: this is round in shape designed for blending the crease. Can be used to apply cream shadows as well I guess it’s not appropriate for small eye shaped beauties.

Setting brush: I like this brush the most. It’s PERFECT to set the under eye concealer with powder its small and domed shaped. You can use this for contouring as well (especially good for small face shaped people) it will obviously wont diffuse or blend the product well because of its smaller size but you can use buffing brush later to blend those edges also good to put the highlighter. This is my favorite brush in this set however I am keeping an eye on contouring brush as well ^_^

Pointed foundation brush: this brush is small as what I was expecting I guess it will take more time to spread the foundation all over face however it’s best to use on small areas like sides of nose, mouth and to cover any spot. You can use it under eye area to put the concealer.

Eyeliner brush: I like how thin it is...i haven’t used it yet that’s y can’t say much about the application.

some more pics
Buffing bursh on left,Mult task brush on right..You can compare both

Multi task brush, setting brush and buffing brush

Final thoughts: They are best for beginners, affordable and good quality. Till now I have not experienced any shedding.

*Please note that this is not sponsored by either of them mentioned above. I am just sharing my personal thoughts and from where I ordered and where is it available in uae.