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18 December 2013

All about primers

2nd Step

You know your skin type now it will be easier for you to choose primer..incase u are unsure about your skin type read here skin types

PrimerWhat is it??
It Acts as a barrier to make your makeup last.

Function: It smoothest the skin surface and wrinkles (fine lines), doesn’t clog pores and reduces shine.

Types of primers > FACE

1-Silicon/tayflon: for terrible problematic skin and large pores
*Quick tip: silicon based primers will dry as powders
Product recommended: smashbox photo finish and clinic pore minimizer.

2-Cream: It is best for dry,normal skin and sensitive skin
Product recommended: lauramercier hydrating

3-Gel: it’s best for oily skin
Product recommended: benefit dr feel good

EYE PRIMER: Majority people have greasy eyelids, eye primer controls greasiness and eye shades stay for a longer period of time
Prodcut recommended: urban decay primer potion for everyone and more affordable option is NYX eye base 

LIP PRIMER: It is really important to prep and prime your lips first before starting the makeup..Vaseline will soften your lips by the time you are done with foundation.
Product recommended: Vaseline or any other your favoutite lip balm.
Quick tip: take tiny bit of Vaseline on Q-tip and use on lips in back and forth motion gently removing the dead skin

here is a video on primers i love watcing her videos ..her videos are full of knowledge and videos

stay pretty :)

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