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25 December 2013

Concealor & Corrector? with Photos

So here we go everything you need to know about concealor and corrector I hate reading loooooonnngg posts but i tried my best to explain it well without talking about useless random things i hope it helps ...

Concealers are most concentrated/thicker and pigmented then is used to cover, dark
spots, blemishes dark circles or any other marks... It is normally applied after primer, but before
foundation or after foundation depends on personal preference.

A corrector is different than concealer it neutralizes /balances out the area.for eg: if you have dark
under eye circles (black/blue), concealing a color on top of another will make you look cakey and
enhance the flaw.

1-Peach/orange-tones and covers blue/purple/black dark circles suitable for us desi skin tones.
2- Green tone corrector cancels out redness due to acne or other mostly suits lighter skin

How to choose the right shade of concealor? 
Always use one shade lighter as compare to your original cheek color as it will brighten up the under eye
area. For extremely dark under eye circles(blue/black) use orange/peach corrector.

Point to remember: concealer goes on top of corrector.

Recommended concealer and corrector:
1-kryolan tv paint sticks -these are pigmented enough to cover dark circles or any other mark on your
face .. if your using concealor STICK u need to dilute it with luminizer to give you that WOW effect, just
put a tiny dot of liquid luminizer on stick and mix it well with ur finger to make a paste and pat on the
affected area shades to consider:FS38,FS36 can be used as concealer and foundation too and 508 as
corrector. I am just giving you a basic idea of colors to look for.

My 2nd favoutite is bobbi brown corrector and concealor.. I like the formula very moisturizing and
pigmented,this set has a concealor on one side and setting powder on the other side

Point to remember: never mix kryolan stick with water always use liquid luminizer.

Recommended luminizer: body shop liquid luminizer and face shop liquid luminizer

How to use:
Apply corrector first (optional-depends on ur skin condition) and apply concealer on top of
ur corrector in patting motion NEVER DRAG use ur finger,brush or sponge whatever u like … My favoutite way of applying is.. I pat the concealor (diluted with liquid iluminizer) with my finger first and blend it with a sponge in stippling motion and set it with a powder using brush or velur puff in pressing motion.
A tiny dot of illuminator
mix it with ur finger..can you see tiny sparkles

this is how the texture will be 

blended into my skin.. see how radiant does it look

close up really provides a nice radiant look 

How to set the concealor?
Always set it with a translucent powder in a compact form or loose powder
form with the help of brush or velur puff using a pressing motion. You can use any good translucent
powder however my favourites are below

Recommended setting powders

1-Bobbi brown setting powder that comes in a concealor set ( pic is above)
2-yardley translucent powder ( yes you read it right.. expensive is not always good :p)
3-chanel poudre universelle libre loose powder (I have heard good things about this product but never tried by myself)
4-clinique loose powder (heard good things about this product but never tried by myself)
5-ben nye banana powder (heard good things about this product but never tried by myself)
this is what i use

Having trouble dealing with concealer lines?
1- just Avoid heavy layer of concealer.
2- Use good amount of powder to seal the area.

My little secret: don’t know how much powder is too much?? When u r done powdering the under eye area just run you brush over the area if it feels smooth means u have done a perfect job if it
feels rough that’s when u know it needs more :)

Fewww long post.. but I hope u understood the concept ..just practice practice and practice
Any questions/ suggestions? Put a comment below or email me I will be happy to hear from my
readers J

BeautiBlingz :*

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