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24 January 2014

Neutrogena deep clean Makeup remover wipes Review n Photos

I usually use Olay liquid makeup remover and toner(will be reviewed soon) to remove make. I use facial wipe alone or sometimes both Neutrogena n olay to completly get rid of makeup if I am wearing strong colors on my eye or face.

I just randomly picked this product once but I never thought that it will become my FAVOURITE

It effectively cleans makeup in just one is very soft  n thick, doesn’t make my skin dry however I clean my face with facewash as well after wipes to completely get rid of all the makeup.

I wish it can come with a lid but it comes with a seal (glue) which can weaken over time I usually put tape hehehe

Tip:if in case it becomes dry just flip the pack upside down so that all the liquid inside can be dispersed evenly I do this method often ^_^ to save each towel or keep them in zip lock bag.

Eww gross ..i know :D

yaaayyy finished

empty pack

Opsssssssssssss :D 

Price: I exactly don’t remember as it’s been six months since i purchased these but as far as I remember it was under 30dh

Availability: Carrefour


  1. ahahhahhahahhaha.....finally finished.....:P will give it a try.....xoxoxoxo.....:)

    1. :D Thankuu Maria :* u need to try them worth every penny