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17 March 2014

How do i remove an eyeliner? Easiest+Quickest and Cheapest way and it nourishes your lashes as well BONUS*

Hi All.. As far as i love makeup i Hate to remove it..I love liner and mascara but removing them completely without leaving a black trace is a real hard work for me since i have real panda eyes.

Here is how i do it ..I love this method so much as it is really cost effective and quick.

You can use makeup remover wipe as well but instead of wasting a piece of wipe i prefer to waste a cotton bud :D

-Olive Oil
-Cotton bud

STEP 1: Pour some olive oil in a bowl and dip cotton bud

STEP 2: Gently go over the liner and it will come off quickly.
it will look like this

STEP 3: Tadaa You are done :) .. This method  nourishes your lashes as well (BONUS) :)


  1. Thank you for this tip.....xoxoxo....^_^

  2. I also use olive oil to remove me eye makeup especially water proof mascaras