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20 January 2014

A complete Foundation Guide with Photos

Foundation is used all over the face to even out the skin tone.

Types of foundations> how to choose the right formula?

Fluid / Liquid: it’s good for normal, combination and dry gives very sheer/light coverage.
Stick: it provides very heavy coverage it’s good to cover spots and pigmented areas and ideal for photography.
Cream to powder: cream but dries as powder&provides heavy coverage and it is appropriate for oily skin.

How to choose the right shade: this is the most important part of your overall makeup if it goes wrong everything will end up looking dull and messy or ghostly no mater u r wearing any drugstore or high end.

ALWAYS test foundation on your face not on ur hand I can’t emphasisenough. Put it on ur face blend it out if It disappears this is the perfect shade..go out of the store for atleast 20mins to see how it turns out cos most of the foundation oxidizes means they change their color in 20-30 mins… if possible  go out and check in day light trust me all this hassle is worth it ..Spend your money wisely plz asit’sur or ur husband’s or father’s hard earned money.Don’t buy anything in a rush.

Don’t feel shy to ask for a sample or any question related to a product from a sales lady she is there to help you. It’s okay if you don’t buy that particular product at the end she wont eat you :D

Checking the undertone: same like concealers. Foundations have undertones too..We’ll apply the same formula:

Yellow/peach >neutralizes pink ( if your skin has cool/ pink undertones )
Pink> neutralizes yellow/peach( we desi have yellow /olive in our skin tone)

Foundations with pink/peach suits best on us as it doesn’t look dull or grey though it gives you a fresh look where as if you’ll use yellow on yellow/olive/sallow skin it will make it appear dull or dead.

can you see the pink and yellow difference?

One color doesn’t suit you? : It’s okay If you have this concern you can buy two colors or u can use just one color which suits u the most and use concealer on pigmented areas...How? Here is the complete guide (link)

·         Don’t forget to prep and prime your skin first before putting on foundation. Click the below links to have a perfect smooth canvas choose primer according to ur skin type , how to prep n prime?

Perfect way of applying foundation:
There are several ways of putting on the foundation. Choose whatever you feel work out best for you.
1-You fingers can do the magic
3-A foundation brush

1-I guess fingers alone won’twork. It might leave you with uneven finish.

2-Take the foundation on your fingers warm them a bit spread all over your face lightly (don’t put a strong pressure) starting from the middle to the outer corners. Then blend it with a sponge in stippling/dabbing motionworking from the center of your forehead outward, toward your temples and from the center of your nose /cheeks towards ear and jawline donot forget to cover the neck they both should match.

Pros: Great for softening & blending out edges and inexpensive
Cons: It absorbs the product quickly hence waste of product and it holds bacteria

2-a foundation brush-take the foundation in back of your hand dip your brush start from the center of your face towards the outer corners.donot apply too much take size of a dirham of  foundation ..It should not look like you are wearing a mask
Pros: one time investment, flawless finish and almost no waste of product.
Cons: you need to clean them often depends on your usage to avoid bacteria

Point to remember: if you’re going for a high up do where ur back of your neck and ears will be visible to others put a foundation on your ears (just run a sponge or brush over the area) back of your neck you should look like a same person from behind as well ;)

Recommended products: LancĂ´me foundation (it has yellow),karaja foundation(pink/peach based), any good quality sponge I bought mine from daisoo and good quality foundation brush I bought it from Debenhams.

I hope you guyz understood the whole theory of foundation & how it should be applied…let me know if ur still in doubt..Happy shopping J


  1. nice dear check me out

  2. If your skin has yellow undertones, you should wear a yellow toned foundation. Not the other way round. Pink based foundation on a yellow toned skin will look extremely ashy. You switched it over.

    1. ^ I had always believed the same until i have seen it by my self during my makeup class & tested on my self .. yellow on yellow looks more yellow where as slightly pink balances the yellow thing