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19 January 2014

Sanitize your Makeup > > > HOW?

Recently i have become so much into sanitizing / cleaning makeup items properly which we use on day to day basis cos if they are not sanitized properly they transfer all the bacteria to the skin and this is when skin problem starts.. Instead of visiting to a dermatologist and paying ur hard earned money need to stop skin problems before it starts

I had shared a picture in my blog and fb page in the beginning about makeup’s shelf life..We really need to keep an eye on expiry dates of cosmetics..if date is not mentioned .. Look clearly at the product how does it look or smell?

Below are few tips on how to clean ur makeup.

Foundation > liquid Use a pump or spatula to take out the desired amount ..Never dip ur finger in a jar as it transfers the natural oil presents in our fingers and it changes the whole consistency of foundation and turns out bad quickly.

Powder foundations / blushes / Eye shadows: Scrap off the first layer here is how click here > sanitizing powder products

Pencil: sharpen your pencil regularly.

how bad does it look ..eww


Lipstick: I wipe away the top layer with a tissue paper .u can also use a brush in order to maintain cleanliness hygiene to apply lipstick but don’t forget to wash the brush regularly.
wipe away the dirt
lip brush 

I read Dr oz advice on cleaning makeup items he recommended leaving the lipstick overnight in the freezer kills bacteria and viruses…..Hmmm interesting Right? Will do it from now on in every 2weeks.

Mascara: Rule is to throw ur mascara after every 3 months cos moist products are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria the longer you keep it the longer you risk an eye infection.If my mascara is in perfect condition means if it is not clumping or drying i use it for 8 months MAX .. but if I feel a stinging sensation around the eye especially the lash line i stop using it immediately.immediately. Don't risk yourself everything reacts differently on different people. Dr oz recommends to put the mascara tube in freezer overnight to kill germs

Brushes: wash them regularly (depends on ur usage) i wash my brushes once in two months ( I mostly use them twice in a month)
recently washed <3

How do you clean ur makeup?? Please share ur secrets ;) I would love to try them


  1. That was really informative. My mascara was hurting my eyes a bit now I know the reason :)

    1. i know the feeling how it irritates the eye..i am happy it helped u :)