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18 January 2014

Loreal voluminous mascara review and photos

I have tried a lot of mascaras but in the end I always end up returning to Maybelline falsies (using it for 3 years will review that soon) let’s see how this new one goes .I ordered the non-water proof one as I feel like it’s hard to remove the waterproof mascaras and it damages the lashes.

I like the formula and wand and how it is easy to apply. I am happy that it doesn’t make lashes clumpy or spidery as the whole point of mascara is to enhance your natural lashes.. You can apply 2-3 coats depends on your personal preference but please wait for few seconds to a minute between coats. Always place brush at the base of lashes and sweep up to tip gently to get fuller lashes & there you are gorgeous.

wearing mascara on left eye..i kept the right eye bare so that u can see the difference

Final thoughts: Good for your wallet. It can be a Hit or Miss depending on a person as everyone’s lashes are different

Price: 8.49$ (excluding tax) I paid 41dh=1200Rs

Will I go back to my Maybelline falsies? Don’t know yet :p

dont forget to say MashaALLAH ^_^

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