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18 January 2014

Maxfactor kohl pencil in natural glaze 090

white pencils or flesh toned/beige or pink pencils are designed to give an eye a brightening more awake look

I have been using white kohl pencil for a year now but I wanted to try some flesh toned kohl pencil  to give an eye more natural effect..I had been eyeing on benefit bright eye pencil for a long time but  it costs 20$ equal to 80 dh..I didn’t want to spend this much on a pencil as I was in search of more affordable option.

I found this max factor’s pencil in natural glaze's a matte beige/peachy toned color inshort “perfect color" for my skin tone

I never tried any pencil from max factor.I like the quality with such an affordable price.

white pencil on left..max factor's natural glaze on right

wearing white pencil in 1st pic above and max factor natural glaze 2nd pic down..can you see the difference?? right looks more natural right?? :)

Price: 25dh

Available: All max factor counters and the center point stores in uae

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