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19 January 2014

Pull out your vanished powders..Time to revive them .. How to make them NEW

We all must have gone through the phase where ur expensive or inexpensive powder product didn’t give u the same effect as before when u bought it new  and u might end up thinking that it’s been years or months that’s y it has lost all his beauty and that particular product landed up at the back of your drawer..

I have been using tissues for a long time to wipe off the build-up on top of my blushes so that they can give the 100% result but sometimes that’s not enough ... I was looking for a solution by myself when I came across this amazing tip shared by

Now it is the time to pull out that product to make it a new one again
 before removing all build up


What you need
1-Mascara wand – bunbun recommended using mascara wand ..Use if u have any or you can wash an old mascara brush wash it properly first it should ruined ur powder product.


2-My version on this is ...use a Brow Brush ;)

Heroes :)

Use a brow brush to gently scrap off the top layer to remove the access build up so that they can become pigmented again and can perform well , remove the extras with a tissue  and voila u r done J.

Yess!! time to clean

hello GLOW <3

how nicely brush picked up the product in just one swipe 

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